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Posted at February 14th, 2019

Transformed LivesClick Image To Visit SiteThe consequences of a life infected with pornography are dire. Whatever your situation is, we have the answer to provide you complete freedom from porn. You have probably tried many ways to find freedom and they all fell short. The reason other techniques and methods dwindle in their effectiveness over time is because they have no POWER. Transformed Lives teaches you how to tap into God’s power to transform your thinking and therefore producing freedom that sticks. Why is this process different? Because we help you find the root causes of your porn problem because looking at porn is just one of many symptoms. Then once you clearly understand your real problem, our process will guide you step by step through the only solution that will provide and sustain your freedom. Our 12-week Transformed Lives program provides you with a daily email containing a link to a 4-8 minute video to watch and mediate on each day or a brief article to read. We will teach you how to engage with the power of God through the Word of God and the Spirit of God providing a path to transforming (Changing) your thoughts, desires and therefore your actions. No More Porn is the goal of this program. Accomplishing the goal of “No More Porn” is not based on the testimony of the many people helped by these Truths; it is based on God’s promises.

After you are set free, join us for phase 2 where we will encourage you to stay free and help others find freedom

After you sign up you will receive a daily email with a link to a daily freedom lesson to listen to or read and then meditate on the remainder of the day. Share what you are learning with your… Read more…

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