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The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE Paradigm

Posted at February 14th, 2019

The GODLIKE Paradigm – The GODLIKE ParadigmClick Image To Visit SiteThis secret key to outrageous success has been right in front of you all this time. And after today, it will mean so much more than you’ll ever imagine. 

Is it bad luck? Circumstance? Natural selection? The “Universe” wasn’t on your side?

Now sure, you’re not starving. And on rare occasions you have a little more than what you need. 

Maybe you wanted to go on a trip abroad, do something bold and adventurous, get into a meaningful relationship, or even buy that new house or car you’ve always wanted.

You have this powerful feeling that you could have MORE… but you always end up with less than what you expected. 

Or you’re feeling lost in the middle of the billions of things going on. The whole world is racing by so fast and everything’s become a blur. 

And it makes you realize how your life is FULL of potential, but it’s all just wasting away as each day goes by.

Even the most successful, most powerful people in the world have struggled with this before they made it big. 

Maybe it happens at work. Instead of working for that promotion, something compels you to slack off.

But something was telling you it was RISKY. That you’re better off settling with what you have now.

Maybe you tried quitting a bad habit like alcohol or smoking. But for some reason, every cell in your body made it damn near impossible. 

When you’re about to make a decision that could potentially cause change, your Amygdala, the part of your brain that oversees fear, survival, and emergency tries to STOP you dead in your tracks. 

Then it plants the false idea that following your hopes and dreams would lead to pain, suffering, failure… Read more…

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