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Orgasmic Licks – How To Give Women Sensational Oral Sex

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Orgasmic Licks - How To Give Women Sensational Oral SexClick Image To Visit SiteMost guys have NO idea how to tantalize a woman with oral sex, and give her the moaning-and-groaning, body-shaking orgasm she deserves.

But on the page below, I’ll show you how to avoid the crushing embarrassment and humiliation of not knowing what to do… and show you how to bring her to the big "O" every time you give her oral sex… and you’ll feel like a REAL man…

Watching her quiver and moan with intense pleasure as she orgasms… hearing her scream that she’s coming… that makes you feel like a REAL man, doesn’t it?

In fact, according to Masters and Johnson’s scientific research into female sexual pleasure…fewer than 30% of women experience orgasms during intercourse alone.

That means there’s a "3 out of 10" chance your woman isn’t climaxing during sex… or a 75% chance you’re NOT satisfying her in the bedroom.

And since almost ALL women never achieve orgasm during intercourse… it’s why 88% of women in relationships prefer oral sex over intercourse.

Since the EASIEST way to give your woman an orgasm is through oral sex… it’s important to be a true pro in the "cunnilingus" department.

See, the vagina contains very few nerve endings… so you can’t count on intercourse to provide enough stimulation. A woman’s sexual pleasure mostly comes from stimulating the clit directly with your hands… or better… with your tongue and mouth.

The clit is highly sensitive and has over 8,000 nerve endings! "Increase her clitoral stimulation and you increase her pleasure", says Ian Kerner, a clinical sexologist. "The tongue can reach the clit in ways the penis can’t." he says.

Well, do you want to know how to make that happen? Going down on her is the number #1 way to make her come more often… Read more…

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