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Official Site: 500 Intimate Questions For Couples

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Official Site: 500 Intimate Questions For CouplesClick Image To Visit SiteSimply enter your EMAIL in the form below and click the "Yes! Send Me My 10 FREE Intimate Questions!" button to start getting free daily questions and tips instantly.

"Pure Genius! Not only has our relationship deepened, these simple questions led to weeks (and weeks) of astonishingly great sex."

Couples who have the deepest intimacy and hottest sex (even if it is their 1st, 237th or 1000th time) share this one "secret". Do you?

* How will I know if my future spouse and I are sexually compatible if we save sex for the honeymoon?

* We’ve been married for a couple of decades and I’m not really sexually satisfied anymore. I feel we’re in a rut and I’d like to spice things up but not sure how to do that.

You can certainly come up with 20-50 questions on your own. But some of those questions would probably be pretty awkward asking your sweetheart. However, if you told your darling that you got this list of 500 Intimate Questions written by a relationship expert who has been 

The beautiful thing about these questions is that they are perfect for couples whether they are both virgins or have been married for decades. In my professional opinion 95% of couples have not asked 80% of these questions.

In survey after survey you will find that those who have the most satisfying sex lives are committed couples who are great communicators when it comes to sex and intimacy.

I write several popular email newsletters and have more than 150,000 subscribers. I asked my readers to share what they believed would be the most important intimate questions they thought should be asked. These could be questions they would love to ask their partner (but might be too timid or nervous about doing so… Read more…

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