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Happy for Life Program

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Happy for Life ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteTo get out of a rut, you need to take action… “Oh well…that’s life.” Unfortunately, most people who want more happiness in their lives or are feeling in a “bit of a rut,” sit back and wait for that happiness to just “suddenly show up.” When it doesn’t, they may say, “Oh well…that’s life” and then go on living with the thought that there’s nothing they can do about their circumstances, hoping that eventually life will get better. Even worse are those who end up in a downward spiral leading to an attitude of sadness, apathy…or even depression. I often hear, “Something really irritated me today,” or “Wow, I am feeling over-scheduled and stressed,” or “Nobody appreciates all the work I do around here,” or “How can I be happy when I have to deal with… (whatever they’re going through),” or “I’ll be happy when… (always waiting for some outside circumstance to increase their happiness)” There are always actions we can take to help us raise our happiness levels when stress or unhappiness surface.There are always happiness actions we can take to accept, understand, and work through those challenges and issues, while drawing ourselves back into a state that allows us to handle anything before us with renewed strength. I know so many people who have faced enormous challenges in their lives…

My name is Maria Gracia and I’m here today to tell you that no matter where you consider your level of happiness to be, you can scientifically train your mind to be happier and influence your body’s production of endorphines…the brain’s feel good chemicals. When you know how to do this, you will have the power to raise your happiness levels, significantly increase… Read more…

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