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Greatest Memory Course Ever Created

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Greatest Memory Course Ever CreatedClick Image To Visit SiteMy Student Learned the  Techniques and Then INSTANTLY Applied Them to Memorizing This Room Full of Names in Just Minutes!!

White Belt – Intro to memory. 5 steps to memorize anything Yellow Belt – Memorize massive amounts of data easily and numbers   Orange Belt – Foreign languages, passwords, business & school uses, definitions, vocab, formulas   Blue Belt – Names and Faces   Purple Belt – Spanish, Russian, languages, poems, quotes, verses  Brown Belt – Memorize playing cards, advanced number memory, impressive memory games/demonstrations, memorizing books (word for word or point by point) Black Belt – Advanced training, Black Belt Memory skills. How to impress others with memory skills, learn anything in 1/3 the time

A: In just a few days you will see massive results. After 10 minutes a day for 21 days you should be able to memorize 50 digit numbers in minutes. No joke

A: 12 years and older could listen to the course alone. Younger than that would need to learn it from an adult who listened to the program. I taught a 6 year old to memorize the presidents of USA in about an hour (She could say it forwards and backwards).

A: It’s different for everyone. Some just want a quick, sharp and healthy brain. Students want to improve their grades in school and business people often want to remember names or sales presentations from memory. Everyone has their own reasons and this course addresses them all.

A: I got the idea from the martial arts. In the martial arts you start as a white belt and the progress to the black belt. The black belt is the highest level of mastery. In this course you will earn 7 belts (white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, brown and black). Each belt covers a different and more advanced topic than the next.

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