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Get Her Hooked

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Get Her HookedClick Image To Visit SiteHOOKED is a video training masterclass showing average men how to make almost any woman irresistibly attracted to you, regardless of your age, income, looks, or status.

HOOKED uses combinations of innocent- sounding phrases and simple body language hacks to flood a woman’s brain with the attraction chemical known as DET. Once a woman has experienced the pleasurable effects of DET, she is physiologically programmed to crave more from the man who gave it to her. And once her DET levels start to drop again, she won’t stop chasing and obsessing over you until you give her another “fix”. HOOKED gives you the tools to get a high-quality women’s DET levels to shoot through the roof, have her hanging off your every word, and get her to worship the ground you walk on.

Tripp Kramer is an internationally recognized dating coach who has taught thousands of men to become their most confident selves and attract the women of their dreams. 

Tripp’s methods give men the tools to date any woman they desire  without gimmicks, routines, or scripted lines. 

He began – as most young men do – by scouring the internet and bookstore for information. However, he quickly found the material he studied almost exclusively focused on gimmicks, manipulation, and routines. 

Realizing lies and tricks would never be the best way to get a woman to fall in love with him, he ventured out into “the field” and began developing his own methods from scratch. 

Tripp’s students’ results were so astounding that in 2010, he founded a podcast called Dudes Talking About Chicks. The podcast quickly soared to the top of the iTunes Self-Help category thanks to his profoundly effective dating advice. Since then he has helped hundreds of thousands of men find success in… Read more…

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