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Claim Your 24 FREE Defensive Handgun Drills!

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Claim Your 24 FREE Defensive Handgun Drills!Click Image To Visit SiteThis powerful book will show you 11 dry fire and 13 live fire drills necessary to perform your best in handgun competitions…get your copy for FREE! NOW!

These training drills will take you to the next level in your skill development. I hope that it helps you accomplish your shooting goals, and teaches you how to train. These drills are designed to teach the shooter the critical skills necessary to excel in defensive shooting. It is meant to be used as a range guide or by shooters that want to use the drills to design their own program. 

As a complete set of 24 training drills (11 dry fire / 13 live fire), this book will give you the confidence to defend your live if you need to! No matter where you are in your skill level, this book will take you higher. 

If you are like me, you were not graced with superstar natural talent, and have to work for every ounce of skill you have. If so, then these drills laid out in a full week by week training program will guide you through a routine that will ensure your success. 

Once you’re dialed in on those drills, you will be able to self-critique yourself and continue to improve your skills by modifying the drills to meet your needs. Lastly, I want to admit that I am a shooter and professional instructor, not a writer. 

That being said, this book has been through an extensive editing process, but some of you with a keen eye may catch are- as that are written in a manner less formal, which is my intent. I wanted to speak to you as shooters, in plain English! (For the really keen eye, if you catch a spelling error, please let me know… Read more…

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