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50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Posted at February 14th, 2019

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Would you like to never have another fight? Would you like to always look forward to being together? Would you want a relationship that felt like you were on a honeymoon that never ended? It is truly possible. I’ve had that marriage for 25+ years. And I’ll share ALL MY SECRETS. 

My name is Michael Webb and I am one of the very few relationship experts who actually has what what most other relationship "experts” don’t have…

This may surprise you but my wife Athena and I have never even had a fight in our 21 years of marriage. Yes, it’s true.

Of course I know …this sounds bizarre, even impossible but in a moment I’ll explain exactly how this was possible. And more importantly, how it’s possible for you.

You see, I grew up in a family with 6 sisters. And in my lifetime I’ve seen them abused by the various men in their lives. Even my mother has the scars from two unsuccessful marriages (the third one is finally working out well).

After witnessing this for too long and witnessing their pain and anguish, I made a decision to be the sort of husband my mom and sisters had dreamed of but never had. 

I studied relationships for a long time and took good notes on what things blissful couples do differently than those who have the typical relationship full of ups and downs. I even began interviewing couples who I deeply admired. I took their decades of wisdom to heart and when I began my own marriage I already knew a lot of what I should and shouldn’t do if it was to be… Read more…

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